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Covid-19 Update

We love you all! It's during these turbulent times, and bumpy roads that we count our blessing; YOU- our dear community that chooses us, our kick ass team (Morgan, Beck, Salem, Holly, Ris and Autum). We will get through this together. We will survive this apocalypse.  Your health, safety, and desire for Just Bob deliciousness is understood. WE GOT YOU! Social distancing rules and constant disinfecting applies....? Check out our menu.

What's New
What's New
- Phone orders
-Gift Cards (call us).
- Growlers of Beer to go
- Growlers of Cold brew to go

-Beer Growlers to go

-Cold Brew Growlers to go

-Gift Cards

-DIY Mimosas/ Cocktails to go

-Cold Brew Growlers to go

-Covered outdoor patio seating with blankets and heaters.


Mon-Tues: 7:00am- 3:00pm

Wed-Sun: 7:00am- 4:00pm

Our Hours
Mon- Tues: 7-3pm
Wed- Sun: 7-4pm
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A Relaxed, comfortable & welcoming unicorn cafe, located in the heart of the Alberta Arts District in the Historic Rexall Drugs building. Just Bob.: Your favorite  neighborhood cafe where we have good brew, good eats, good friends, and just good vibes.

Click below to enjoy a 3D video tour of our cafe!


MONDAY - Tuesday 7-3pm

Wednesday - Sunday 7-4pm      


2403 NE ALBERTA STREET           PORTLAND, OR 97211



Autumn V, OR

The vibe feels like old Portland. Inexpensive scrambles that are just the right size and fancy avocado toast (though I realize that avocado toast is not old Portland). I've been there a couple times and haven't experienced any crowds or lines, which is a plus.

Mario R, CA.

On vacation from CA and this was the first place we ate at in Portland. Couldn't have had a better introduction to the amazing food scene here. Veggie Hand Pie was bomb. So was my girl's Açaí Bowl. Portions generous and prices reasonable. The staff was very friendly too. Couldn't ask for more! Everyone should definitely give this place a shot.

Mollie M, WA

Unicorns. EVERYWHERE. Anyone who loves unicorns needs to do themselves a favor and go to this place. Trust me.
I can see why this is a Portland landmark: quirky atmosphere, chill employees, and SUPERB coffee. And, of course--unicorns.

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